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  • I made a movie some years ago called Cinderella Man, I played former heavyweight boxing Champion James Braddick. During the fight scenes I had to be in great physical condition and make the fight scenes as authentic as possible. I did this with the help of Mark CHOPPER Burgess. He assisted in many rounds of sparring ( with me ) and advice on technique and fighter fatigue. Chopper is a highly intelligent athlete with infinite knowledge of the sport of boxing. I really enjoyed my time with him…
    Russell Crowe
  • Chopper, a friend, a mate and a training partner… I have never meet anyone else like him. Discipline personified.
    Gordon Tallis
  • Chopper is the first person I call when I need a reality check, his training is tuff. His loyalty and respect is why we have been close friends for almost 20yrs. I am the star, but what he can do at his age is amazing… he just wears too much after shave…ha ha.
    Wendell Sailor
  • Love training with the old fella, Chopper makes me work hard which makes playing easy in comparison. I am just waiting for him to slow down a bit so I have more of a chance of tagging him.
    Jonathon Brown
  • Chopper is a fantastic trainer, I really enjoy my time with him, can’t believe he is the age he is… awesome.
    Sam Thaiday