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Dan and I met 10 years ago training together whilst he was playing elite sport.

Dan is way too intelligent and tuff to play his chosen sport, and as a result left his profession to successfully run his own business and raise children.

Yet the drive for elitism burned deeply inside him, and with that hunger he enrolled in the army in an attempt to become a member of an elite and exclusive unit.

After almost 2 years of gruelling training and testing away from his family, Dan and his family moved interstate to be with him as he is now part of an elite fighting unit. The dedication and commitment he has shown to achieve his goal is exemplary.

Dan not only represents his nation but protects it and the people that live in it. Attributes such as loyalty, honour, humility, perseverance, discipline and desire aptly describe a person like Dan.

I am very proud to call Dan my friend and training partner, and I pray that he stays safe in the very real and dangerous world he now works and lives in.


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