David ‘Homicide’ Thomas

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After 15 years working in the Police Service this is the only bloke that I used to work with that I am proud to call a friend.

Loyally, integrity and a strong work ethic are also the reasons why Thomo left the Police. He has these characteristics in bundles an as a result retired after nearly 20 years service.

Thomo is a massive loss to the Police Service and that is obvious by how successful he has become in the corporate sector. But unlike many Police personal, Thomo has always prioritised his health.

He and I have trained together for many years. He is a champion touch football player and always used the boxing training as a way to keep in shape. I would come to his touch footy matches and he would work my corner at fights, and the advice he gave wasn’t always right but gee he made me laugh.

Now a devoted family man and business owner Thomo has achieved much, yet he still punches and crunches with me every week.

We have both faced and defeated much adversity in our past employment, yet our friendship has remained the same…rock solid.

It’s a very reassuring feeling knowing that someone like Thomo is watching my back, I thank him not only for our continual friendship but for the many many stories that we share about our past employment, and the success that we have now since retiring.

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