Michael “BOOM BOOM” Burke

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If you look in the Oxford dictionary under “Health Professionals” there is a picture of Boom Boom.  Michael is this countries and possible the worlds leading physiotherapist.

He is also the resident physio at Team Chopper Int. A long time friend and client, we have travel internationally working together. I hurt them and he fixes them is our motto, and there is not an injury he cant treat.

I trust Boom Boom and his knowledge emphatically, testimony to this is his treatment of my wife during her difficult pregnancy and my son Isaiah ( see pic ) simply because my boy loves a massage. Michael’s work ethic and superior knowledge in human movements is why elite teams like the Brisbane Bullets went in search of his services.

Boom Boom is now a family man and like me prioritises his wife and daughter Laila above all else.

I have great respect for Michael and feel honoured to have him on my side. I thank him for the continued help and support he has given my family and my business.

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  1. Boom Boom Fan says:

    Awesome to see the great Boom Boom finally make the website….and yes he is a legend….but why no photo of him with his shirt off?….haha….GO BOOM!

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