Mick Moore

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Mick Moore

Words cannot accurately describe a bloke like Mick.

He was a one of a kind, a country bloke that placed family and respect above all else.  A bloke that had more honour, humility and loyalty than any person I have ever met on this earth.

He was a son of Pat’s and Marcella’s, he was a father to Harry, Meg and Georgia, a husband to Tracey, and the best mate I have ever had. I wanted to honour Mick on my website not just because of our friendship, but because he is the reason I left the Police Service and entered the health and fitness industry.

Mick new the Police was not for me, “Giddyup Chop, they all drink piss and do NO exercise” he would yell across the gym floor, “and they don’t wear kouros ha ha ha”. He was right.

We spent many many hours talking about life and what the future holds. He had a beautiful family, that I envied greatly, but I was single cruising around the world in boxing teams. He told me that I would change and that having a son is the greatest moment of your life. I laughed and said, not me Mick, I am to busy getting ready for my next fight.

But he was right again, I would have loved him to meet my son Isaiah. I would love to be able to ring him and ask for advice about fatherhood.

Its now been 10 years since Micks passing, I miss him as much today as I did in 2000. I wanted to share my website with Mick because I know he is looking down on me from heaven laughing and saying, “Gideeup Chop “.

I miss you mate. Chopper

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  1. Michelle aka Warrior says:

    Hey Chop, I bet that’s exactly what Mick is saying. I bet he is also proud of what you have achieved thus far. He sounds like he was one of those people you don’t meet too often in this life, but yet they never leave your heart or thoughts.

    I have met only a few myself and they do make a difference in your life don’t they?

    Although the years pass one never forgets those they love!!! How nice that he is a part of your website…………

    Michelle aka Warrior Woman

  2. Harry Costi says:

    I’ll never forget Mick either Chop. I remember when i was managing at Souths and Mick came over from Brothers in the mid 90’s, how he and i were always having a giggle.
    He knew how to put a smile on my face.
    Joe Venardos gave me a heads up on all of Micks exploits so whenever he gave me cheek i had a ready made comeback.
    “Moore, Childers, can go a bit!”, in reference to a certain taxi queue situation.
    “hows your second serve?”………to Michael Chang!
    He was a terrific person.
    I’m one of many that thinks of Mick from time to time.

  3. Hi Chopper,

    Thank you for the great testimonial on Mike. It brought tears to my eyes, again!!! I know Mike would be very proud of the work you do to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. Thanks again.


    Anna Coronis

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