Phil “The Chainsaw” Parker

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The Chainsaw…one of real estates high flyers, and an Auctioneer that can sell sand to the Arabs…

2 years ago I met Phil at a coffee shop at Southbank, he was nearly 90kgs and on deaths door. At 52yrs of age, Phil had burnt the candle at both ends for many many years.

He had a life full of poor food choices, alcohol, limited sleep and NO exercise.

That all changed after our meeting at the coffee shop that day.

For the past 2 years Phil has committed himself to 2 to 3 punishing sessions with me per week, plus homework consisting of road runs and weights circuits.

He has transformed himself into a lean, mean, 75kgs, loving life machine.

The change in Phil’s life is remarkable, not only does he look great but his output and productivity in the workplace has doubled. Phil now acts as a role model and mentor to fellow real estate agents in his office who envy his energy and positive attitude.

Congratulations to you Chainsaw… (He has one tattooed on his shoulder)…the discipline and commitment to your new found health and fitness is exemplary.

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