The Tues Crew

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It’s a quiet and peaceful Tuesday morning just before sunrise. The waves created by passing craft gently lap the river banks underneath the Kangaroo Point cliffs. Sun glistens off the river and the surrounding buildings creating a picture-perfect postcard.

It is pure serenity. That’s until…

‘Jimmy!’, ‘Jimmy up!’, ‘When’s Jimmy getting here Chop?’ ‘Where’s the Doc?’

Welcome to the Team Chopper `Tuesday Crew’.


There’s ‘Iron’ Mike, chairman and author of the `Rules of Engagement’. The Godfather of the group.

His son Elliott aka the `E-Banger’/Goblett/G-String’ who delights the boys with stories about his relentless efforts for international relations.

The Dynamic Duo of physiotherapy. The Ministers for Pain, The Sultans of the Ultrasound. Michael `Boom Boom’ Burke and Chris `Big Johnny’ Gillies.

The Doc aka Dragon Talic who provides the laughter, the late arrivals and the best impersonation of the Count from Sesame Street.

The Great Ricco – The People’s champ. Don’t ask him for any help doing up a ribbon though. Go Patriots.

The latest blow-in is Greg ‘Oscar dela’ Davis aka. The Fernwood Fury/The Sunday Mail Snail. Thank god he can write better than he can fight. All the gear, no idea.

And of course there’s Chopper, the hustle behind the muscle.

Finally there’s Jimmy, aka any good looking sort that happens to run past the Tuesday Crew.

A good call will help you win the coveted BOG award (Best on Ground). A bad call will cruel your chances.

The only thing harder than the actual training on a Tuesday morning at 6am is working out the `Rules of Engagement’ which dictate who receives the coveted BOG gong.

Forget the Ashes, the NRL trophy, the Bledisloe Cup, any World Cup you care to name. The BOG is the one piece of silverware that matters.

Once the order of boxing is established by the alphabetical order of a random event in your life, it’s on.

If you train hard, weigh light, provide good `Jimmy calls’, do chin-ups, wrap your own hands, spar once a month, survive fabricated allegations of cheating, produce peace in the Middle East, solve the Global Financial Crisis and excel in the video review…the trophy is yours.

You have to knock the champ out to win.


The decision of the committee (Chop) is final and debate will not be entered into. As sure as the sun glistening off the river the next morning, there will be blow-ups from those who feel robbed of BOG glory.

But they will return the following week, to wrap their own hands, train hard, weigh light, provide good Jimmy calls, fabricate cheating allegations, solve world issues, and see the Doc rock up late again.

A few sessions and we are almost looking as good as Chopper

Greg Davis | Sports Writer

15 Responses

  1. Friendstar!!!! says:

    a bunch of no bodies turned into somebodies… chopstar your a legend!!!

  2. Iron Mike says:

    Hey Friendstar…speak for yourself…yes Chopstar is a legend…but also coaches some legends…the Tuesday Crew is overflowing with legends from all walks of life…medicine, physiotherapy, media, rugby, physical preparation and crowd control (go Rico!)

  3. Iron Mike says:

    Rumour has it that a certain Physio is talking himself up as this week’s BOG winner before the competition begins…maybe those soft ribs might get a touch up before game time!

  4. Iron Mike says:

    Congrats to the Doc on winning his first BOG for a long time! Showed great discipline…no longer sponsored by XXXX, weighing light and trained the house down! A certain Physio left with egg on his face after talking himself up in the preceeding days…
    …apparently Iron Mike was a very close runner up to the Doc!!!

    …Always been a big fan of yours Doc!!!

  5. Iron Mike says:

    Despite a prolonged absense from the ring, the Doc wins the BOG again! Rules of Engagement have been disseminated again for reference as to the conditions of winning the coverted BOG Trophy…please see Rule 8. “you must spar at least once per month…”

  6. Iron Mike says:

    This Tuesday saw the long awaited return of Ex-Reds, ex-massage therapist, ex-playboy and ex-Tuesday Crew member Roger Leeson. Rog can still run…but couldn’t punch his way out of a poofters tea party!!! Still feeling the effects of a bruised back of the head from hitting the canvas on numerous occassions the week before at Harry’s Cooparoo Boxing Gym! Great to have Roger back…’cause geez he makes the rest of us look good…and takes the heat off the Doc..big time!!!

  7. Davo says:

    You gibberer

  8. you know who says:

    Well well things haven’t changed much around old Brissy have they, still the say old bunch of has beens doing the same old thing. Talkin shit and boy have the banks widened cause the shit was flowing fast on tuesday. In all honesty it was good to do the do withthe boys and come out smelling of “quros” shit i love that stuff. Its good to be back and yes the bruise from the infamous rabbit punch that i have sustained by chopstix as he has a tendency to throw when feeling the heat in the ring. Ironclad has started taking the cheap shots as well after feeling the affects of a plex jab when i wasn’t looking, low i must say!! Doc winning the bog was another insult to the fitness industry too!!! G string your th man to beat although another couple of minths with this new bird and your f!@#ked so i should be ok.

  9. Iron Mike says:

    The Tuesday Crew has been infiltrated by a would be personal trainer and “harry”, Reggie Jackson! My suggestion to Reggie would be train with the best first before you start passing judgement on the likes of Oscar De La Davis, Iron Mike and The Doc…Age shall not weary us!!!…The “Golden Child Physio” wins the BOG again this week…alegedly after being absolutely bashed last week in the ring…surely you gotta be able to do more than run to win the trophy…some boxing skill should count!!!

  10. Iron Mike says:

    Well, well, well…After months in the wilderness after a nasty smeer campaign (code name “Get the Godfather”)Iron Mike is a clear, runaway winner of the BOG this week. Some combatants complaining they were not at 100%…maths tell us though that 100% of nothin’ equals nothin’!!!

  11. Greg Davis says:

    The Doc was robbed. The only bloke that cheats more than the Godfather is the bloke doing the books at the Melbourne Storm. ha ha ha. I blame Reggie. ha ha ha

  12. Iron Mike says:

    Only the tough blokes turned up to Harry’s Gym today!!!…some very soft would-be’s from the Tuesday crew are yet to be seen at sparring this year…some yet to be seen this lifetime!!! Boy they can talk tough hitting pads…but when it comes to getting hit back…they got nothin’!!!

  13. Team Custodian says:

    All right Ladies. Seems a very “touchy feely” thing happens on a Tuesday, when the real heavy work is done on Wednesdays at 3pm.

    Team Custodian doesn’t have a BOG we have a KFC.

    I suggest you get your strongest and quickest for a Chopper Challenge. A gruelling 30 minute multi tasking time trial and we will see whether Tuesday is all it’s supposed to be or if wednesday truly is the better day.

    Team Custodian

  14. Iron Mike says:

    The Tuesday Crew have heard some whispering (obviously because they can’t speak in a manly voice without any nuts!)that the Wednesday Afternoon Crew want to challenge the our Crew and are talking themselves up big time!
    Well boys anytime anywhere…and hears a suggestion…in the RING at Harry’s any Friday morning!…so either put your gloves and headgear on and your mouthguard in or go and hide under your property portfolios!!!

  15. Iron Mike says:

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all our mates at Team Chop!!!…It’s been a great year once again. The Coach should be proud of the bunch of blokes that make up his crew…I for one am proud to call you all mates…we’ve had a great week with all the gang joining the Tuesday Crew for ins and outs at Southbank followed by breakfast at Poppy’s and then a great night of Sparrama at Harry’s last night…Harry is truly one of the good guys!…and put on a fantastic night of sparring and socializing!
    Be safe everyone and look forward to catching up with you all in 2011. And to the “Master of Disaster”, the “King of Sting”, the “Real Deal”, the Coach…thank you most sincerely mate for your friendship and do make a difference in peoples lives with what you do and bring a lot laughs with it! To Cube and Sai you complete the package…great people, great friends.
    Final thought Guys…there will be weigh ins next week so don’t over indulge too much!!!…hahaha…
    The Chaiman

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